Zimbabwe, elections 2018: Nelson Chamisa declares his victory

“This is an ecatlant victory. We have recorded an excellent result and we are ready for the next government “. These are the words of Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the opposition movement for the Democratic Change movement that today claimed to have won the elections in Zimbabwe. Those of yesterday, Monday, July 30, are the first elections since the fall of the former head of state Robert Mugabe: a historic event in the country, which changes political direction after decades of hegemony of the Zanu-Pf party.

The day of the vote in Zimbabwe

The call to the polls brought about five and a half million people to Zimbabwe to appoint a new president, deputies and municipal councilors. One hour before the closure of the seats, says tpi.it, the turnout at the polls was about 75% of the population, a very important figure given that especially many young people have voted. The vote, after an unusually peaceful and participatory election campaign, is considered historic because it is the first since the fall of the regime of Robert Mugabe, in power for 37 years and forced to resign on 21 November. Another great absentee is Morgan Tsvangirai, a historic opponent of Mugabe, who died five months ago.

The words of former leader Robert Mugabe

In a speech made public on the eve of the vote, the former Zimbabwe leader Mugabe, who is now 94, had given indirect support to the leader of the Chamisa Movement for Democratic Change. The former president of the African country had indeed declared that he would not vote for the leader of the party Zanu-Pf Emmerson Mnangagwa: “For the first time ever, we have a long list of aspirants in power. I can not vote for those who tormented me, I will make my choice among the other 22, but it is a long list “.

The former leader of the country, speaking from his home in the capital Harare, had denounced being ousted in the context of a military coup and resigned “to avert a bloodbath and avoid a conflict between army and population” . So a moment of great change has come for Zimbabwe, which will now live a period almost certainly characterized by a new political direction.

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